Friday, March 31, 2006

My husband is not a dick

But last night he was. As usual, he had a full day at work. At 5:30 he called to say he was stopping by a friend’s house to help him do whatever-it-is-that-men-do-together-while-having-a-beer-after-work. He came home at 7:00 PM, ate dinner…. Then did the worst thing he could. He asked why I was acting like I was tired… WTF! I had just spent 12 hours alone with two kids under the age of 4! I needed a break. Then this is where he became a TRUE dick. He said, “What about me, don’t you think I want to come home and relax for a few minutes?”

Unfortunately I did not have a gun, nor did my look kill him. WTF was the time he spent between 5:30-7:00 pm? Hey buddy that was your “FEW” minutes to relax!

I sometimes fantasize about getting up on a Saturday morning and just leaving. No not LEAVE, but just get up and go without asking if he minds staying with the kids. Wouldn’t that be funny? I mean he leaves everyday without asking if I mind, including Saturday and Sunday. When are my days off? Or better yet? When do I get a few minutes off? I’m on 24/7. If one kid wakes up in the middle of the night who gets up? ME, why? Because it’s my JOB! My job that never ends. I can’t go home and leave the “work” behind. They follow me. They find me even while taking a shit. I’m never alone. I can lock the door, but I can still hear them crying just outside of the door.

Luckily, 99% of the time I love my job. And I have this wonderful job because my husband is a hardworking guy. I really do appreciate that he needs a few minutes to relax. He just needs to learn to read my mind (a simple task!) and recognize that some nights it’s OK to say it and some nights he best keep those evil thoughts to himself.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm back

One month of no blogging has turned into nearly two… but alas, I think I have found the time to return to my blog. Mike and I sat down and have somewhat formulated a schedule for our family. (Nanny 911 style!) Hopefully, this little schedule will help me not waste time and will help Mike remember to help me!

Coming up with a schedule has been a work in progress. We began by writing down everything I do in a day… let’s see, I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face and start a load of laundry, then I get the kids going, more brushing of teeth (theirs not mine) and then I make breakfast. This is where my day goes to hell. Why? Because I sit down at my computer to eat breakfast and spend at least an hour reading the news and all of your blogs! I forget that I need to switch the laundry (FlyLady says there are 5 steps, I only make it to #2- Wash). Then I feel like buying something. So I get in the shower with both kids, get dressed; load everyone into the car and then shop. By time I return home, the day is almost over and it’s time to throw something together for dinner. Sometimes I even forget that I’ve bought stuff and leave it in the car. See why I needed a schedule?

From day to day I can’t remember what needs to be done. I get caught in a need to be perfect, so I give up. The worst part? While out and about we eat lunch at McDonald’s or Del Taco or some other fast food joint. I’m slowly turning both my kids into me. Yikes!

So now I’m trying out the schedule. It seems to keep me on better track and we haven’t had a fast food lunch in a couple of weeks. Of course, this means I have to come up with not just dinner everyday but also a lunch! On Sunday evenings, Mike and I sit down and plan the next week’s dinners. We go through our cookbooks and find one new recipe to try. Last week’s new dinner was wonderful and healthy and very low stress! While coming up with a menu, I make a shopping list for the week. Now I don’t have to make three tips to the grocery store and one to Costco.

The schedule has actually created more time for me. I do not feel guilty for the hour I spend on the computer every morning because the time is assigned for just that. Hayden happily eats her breakfast and watches me while Dylan watches a video. (We don’t have regular TV so she is stuck with a DVD instead.) Mornings are very peaceful. I don’t have the push to get stuff done anymore. If it’s not scheduled I don’t worry about it.

Last night I finished a book. Last week I walked 40 minutes on my treadmill three times. I feel productive again.