Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What I've learned about blogging

Over the past few months I have spent an enormous amount of time on blog sites. I just haven't spent much time on my own. Why? I don't really have time. I can catch up with blogging friends in between naps, laundry and running errands, but trying to piece together my own thoughts is too much most days. My need for perfectionism paralyzes my writing. I want to post pictures, but my husband often has the camera for work. I want to write down the funny things Dylan says, but when I do, blogger isn’t working. There is always an excuse. So I’m taking a break. A short one, to come up with a schedule for my family that allows me time to write. Come back in a month and hopefully I’ll be back in business. But in the mean time, enjoy this cute picture of my two girls! :)