Friday, August 29, 2008

First! First! First!

We’ve had two weeks filled with “firsts” over here at Motherhood, Mayhem and Mirth. Bullet points of proof:
  • Dylan celebrated her FIRST day of FIRST grade.

  • Dylan rode the bus home for the FIRST time.

  • Hayden celebrated her FIRST day of preschool.

  • Both girls had their ears pierced.

  • I had my FIRST job interview in 8 years.

  • I plucked the FIRST gray hair out of my eyebrows.

Dylan started school on August 14, and we are so excited for another wonderful year. She was lucky enough to get the best 1st grade teacher and we know she has a lot to look forward to. She also now rides the bus home from school. I love this because it gives me an extra hour to get caught up on whatever I’m working on. Last year, the parking lot was so crowded after school that I resorted to leaving the house at 2:30 each afternoon to get a spot for 3:00 pm pick-up. Now that she rides the bus, I just meet her at the bus stop, 30 seconds from our house, at 3:30. Technically, she could walk the short distance, but the stop is on a country road that people drive VERY fast on, so I’d rather be there for the first few weeks.

Hayden started her first day of preschool yesterday, Aug. 28, and loved every minute. There were no tears (OK, there were just a few and they were mine…) and she was so happy to be there. I was so proud of her.

On Sunday morning, Dylan said she wanted to get her ears pierced, so we loaded the girls up and drove to the nearest Claire’s. At the very last second Dylan opted out and Hayden said she wanted them. So she took Dylan’s earrings and Dylan left without any. L The next day, after Hayden had showed off her new earrings to Dylan’s friends before school, Dylan said she “really wanted them this time!” So I drove 40 minutes to Sacramento which is where the nearest Libby Lu is and lo and behold she did it.

So, my first job interview was so easy. I fell right back into corporate drone. I wasn’t sure how much “Mom” was written all over me, but apparently I did OK because I’ve made it to the next round. Truthfully, I love being a SAHM, but due to the current financial/ economy situation, I should probably go back to work. Unfortunately the residential remodeling industry is taking a huge hit, so rather than go into financial ruin; we figured it would be best if I somehow generated some income. Obviously, I’d prefer some sort of work from home situation, but the job I interviewed for would be away from home. But, man, the benefits alone make me want to get right back out there. We have done without “benefits” for nearly 10 years. We pay our own medical, dental, insurance, etc. There are no paid holidays when you own your own business. If Mike takes a day off, that means no money coming our way. So I’m looking into working. Blah!

Oh ya, yesterday I found a super shiny gray eyebrow hair. How much does that suck? I had to pluck it because it was a distraction. It kept catching the light while I was putting my make-up on. Does that mean that seven more will appear?

There you have it. Two weeks of firsts all wrapped up.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Mygreenearth said...


Hope that going to back to work does well for you. I get mad and threaten to go back to work on occasion. But, financially here because the pay is so low it doesn't make sense. Basically I was making more 12 years ago than I would make here doing te same thing working the same hours. I think that is total BS. Then there is the issue of childcare ect. We live a mile from the school and this is the 1st year Gradon gets to walk home by himself. It definately saves a lot of time for me adn there is the added benefit of not having to wake Emelie up from a nap.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger tommie said...

If you lived in Northern KY I would be using you! I totally need some freakin' sliding glass doors knocked out and replaced with French doors. Do you do landscaping??

but the girls look good! gmmhzfj

At 10:46 AM, Blogger tommie said...

PS, I think I did know you loved KY, only because you love horses. We live about 45 min from Louisville.

PSS, those random letters after my post last night were the word verification! I didn't realize I didn't erase it...duh!


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