Saturday, February 17, 2007

Although I haven’t blogged for a couple of months I have kept up with all of you by reading your blogs everyday. Often, as I peruse a few of my favorite sites I click on their links and find another blog that I love. What did I do before there were blogs?

I feel as if the entire world is at my finger tips. I’m learning about life in Tanzania from an American who moved there with her 2-year-old twins. Another American keeps me posted about life in Russia while trying to navigate the Russian adoption process. I’m currently on pins and needles as I await the adoption of “Cupcake” right alongside her new mom and dad. I sent up a little prayer when I read about the birth of Untangling Knot’s son. I waited in excitement as Karyn made her way back to her family in Spain after a tour in Iraq. Dan Renzi, of Real World Miami fame, keeps me in stitches about his life as he again conquers Miami. And I absolutely can’t wait to read about my friend Carrie’s trip to Paris in April. (I’m sure she’ll have awesome pictures to share as well!)

The internet is such a wonderful instrument in life. Reading about other people’s lives really confirms that we each have a story. Each person has something important to tell and do in life. These everyday people inspire me.