Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My painter (AKA my husband) is about to shoot me.

Over the past few months we have played with the idea of making our guest room into Dylan’s room and making Dylan’s current room into a playroom. Mike isn’t too sure about the idea, but we are going forth anyway. Although we often have guests, it does not makes sense to dedicate one room because then we are not using 25% of our bedroom space. It’s like having a living room that you’re not allowed to use. So we are moving on with the project, sort of.

Dylan wants a yellow horse room and I’m happy to oblige. The only problem is finding a yellow that works in the already too bright room. I’ve chosen 9 (!) different yellows and still I don’t have a favorite. We’ve bought 9 quart cans at $9.00 a can and my husband is miffed because that could have more than covered the cost of the paint. And I still don’t have the right shade…

I love the bedding we picked. And I’m painting four canvases with horses on them. I also have a huge collection of Breyer horses to add to the horse theme. I’ll post pictures when it’s is finished… that’s if I can ever decide on the yellow!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

What I did for my Labor Day Weekend

While everyone else was BBQing, picnicking, and camping this past weekend, I was shopping. Christmas shopping! Like last year, I’m trying to spend less. It’s become a game for me. I use coupons and wait for clearance sales.

A few years ago, I would never have shopped this way. I was all about spending too much money on “the” perfect gift. But there is no such thing. You can’t buy that. Now I buy things I plan for. I’m so much happier and doing this early makes my life easier during the holidays.

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