Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Break

Summer break has been in full swing for my family since May 29. A full month already. Out of fear, I planned a thousand activities to keep the girls busy. The summer has gone well so far. And we have stayed busy, maybe too busy. This morning I've let the girls stay in their PJ's and they are currently making snowflakes. I should have known that every minute didn't need to be planned. They're old enough now to have fun with spontaneous, unplanned games, crafts, and basic playing. So simple, who knew?

Most of our activities have been of the free sort. Our local movie theaters offer free movies every Wednesday morning. The movies are not new releases, but the girls don't care. We have been meeting up with families from Dylan's class and usually have lunch after. Wednesday's are crazy; movie, lunch and then Dylan has gymnastics. We get home around 5:00 pm just in time to start dinner.

We just had a short vacation to San Diego, compliments of my mom and dad. The girls LOVED Sea World and Dylan would have ridden Atlantis a 100 times if I would have let her. They enjoyed swimming and they loved the sand at the beach.

We've celebrated both girl's birthdays in the past month and have spent tons of time in the pool. This week we are taking it easy...