Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm moving to Maui

OK, not really, but a girl can dream right? We had a fabulous time in Maui. We stayed in Kihei and the girls loved every minute of the trip. They played in the sand, played in the sand and played in the sand some more. They both loved the ocean!!!

We had dinner at Sarento’s one night to celebrate my parent’s 40th anniversary. The food was sumptuous and the sunset was beautiful. Ahhhhh, I said I was moving there right?

Hayden especially loved the Maui Ocean Center. Her new favorite word is turtle... but she really enjoyed watching the sharks.

The vacation almost had a very bad start… the day before we left we had to put our 14-year-old dog, Darlin, to sleep. It was devastating. But as always, there is a silver lining and that is at least she didn’t die while we were on vacation. I think about her everyday and find myself not sure how to answer Dylan’s questions about death. Any suggestions?