Monday, February 11, 2008

Health 100% Happiness 100% Hunger 100%

“Dear Kathy- I’m worried about you. You have not commented on my blog for a couple of weeks and you haven’t posted anything new on yours. Where have you been?”

Could this note be from you? Do you feel like writing to me and asking the same question? Well if you do, I understand. I’ve been MIA for a few weeks and I really have a good reason. I’ve become addicted. Again. This time it’s not celebrities or reality TV… it’s my daughter’s Webkinz.

I must satisfy my virtual pet addiction. I have no time to write, read or shower. I have figured out how to complete two jobs per day in the employment office. I’m nearing the final gem for a “Crown of wonder.” I feel angry when Dylan spends the money I have earned for her. Since I won a trophy for being top-scorer in a Goober’s Lab tournament, I’m obsessed with winning another. And I can win EVERY single game of Dogbeard’s Bath Tub Battles. So if your 6 year-old is continually beat, I’m sorry, it’s me a 35 year old woman.

Wait, I’ll be right back. Sorry, I just had to take a writing break to check the hourly activities… today at 4:00 pm ET I was able to get a W shop coupon. Can’t pass that up. I even logged on my Mom’s (yes, she has one, too) to make sure she gets the coupon as well.

Today I found a site called and another called so I feel comfortable knowing that I am not alone in my addiction.

It won’t be long and I’ll be begging your forgiveness for past hurts as I begin a 12-step program for my latest compulsion. Until then, if you want to hook-up, add me as a friend in Webkinz world. I’ll invite you over to see my super cool house and then I'll kick your ass at Dogbeard's Bathtub Battle.