Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Non perfect holiday season

I’m tired of all the e-mails I have received (personal and junk) this past week about the STRESS of the season. My MOMS club sends daily emails about upcoming events, etc. and all this week they have said things like, "If you're stressed out with things..." and another that started with, "I know we're all so busy with the holiday season...," it's as though as wives, mothers, and just women in general we strive to make this season perfect. But there is no such thing, because by putting pressure on ourselves the "perfectness" disappears. Yuck! I’m going for the non-stress holiday! No perfection here!

I had a helper his year decorating the tree. I always have a beautiful tree. Many years ago, I purchased amazing ornaments at I. Magnin and have always been proud of my tree. This year I cheated. And the product is better than ever. I started with K-Mart/ Martha Stewart bulbs and handed them to my three year old. She put them up so lovingly. The season’s cheer has been recaptured. She had so much fun putting up the ribbon and lights. She put flowers on the tree and added the angel to the top. You certainly won’t find my tree in any magazine, but I really think this is the most beautifully decorated tree ever!

Last night Dylan had her first ever school Christmas show! Wow! I felt so grown-up watching my own child perform on stage. She was super cute and garnered the first “aaahhh” from the crowd after she perfectly said “F is for Frankincense” into a microphone. She was so damned cute!


At 9:20 PM, Blogger suburban mom said...

Beautiful tree! I bought some of my favorite ornaments at target this year -- they're a bunch of shiny balls that look glass...but they're actually plastic! :)

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Korie said...

Oh my! I hadn't stopped by for a while. Your helper is adorable!


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