Sunday, October 02, 2005


I just read an ARTICLE on yahoo about a young Marine who lost every person in his platoon. The article broke my heart. The last line: "I think the most frustrating thing is there's no sense of accomplishment," Williams said. "You're biding your time and waiting. But then you lose your friends, and it's not even for their own country's freedom," sent a chill through my soul.

I'm not a political person. I vote and I pay attention to what I'm voting for, but for the most part, I'm apathetic. I don't have a TV nor do I subscribe to a newspaper so the daily news escapes me. I catch only the top headlines online and rarely actually read the articles. I get all the information I need just reading headlines. I really shouldn't be writing about war because I have zero information on the subject. I just have my emotional state that has me very upset right now.

Why are we in Iraq? If we "won" the war 36 days into it three and a half years ago, why do I read a headline about it nearly everyday? And the headlines are NEVER positive. There is always some sort of count about how many people we have lost. And all for what? To “win?” Win what?

I believe in the United States, I believe in freedom. I don’t think we should be in Iraq but I do wholeheartedly support our soldiers there. But I’m afraid for these young soldiers. They have their entire lives ahead of them and they are fighting for something that may never come to fruition.

War is so archaic. We send people to kill other people. Put them right in the line of fire. This is the same thing ancient civilizations did. Haven’t we moved passed this stage? Isn’t there a more technologically advanced way to wage war that keeps people out of the line of fire? I just can’t comprehend this. I have a VERY hard time wrapping my mind around killing people to “win.”

Thank you to every soldier who has fought on behalf of our country. And thank you to the families who have been home while their brave family member fought elsewhere.

My dad (that's him in the picture) fought in Vietnam. He married my mom a few days before he left… she was a senior in high school. While he fought in the jungle she twirled flags in the drill team. He was so young. I can’t imagine what he saw. We have only spoken about it on a handful of occasions. Mostly he talks about the beautiful sunsets and countryside. I don’t really want to know more because I love my Dad and never want him to have to relive any of the time he spent in Vietnam.

I remember as a kid around 7, overhearing my mom telling someone that my dad sometimes had nightmares. My dad was 32. The same age I am now. He had already lived an entire lifetime by time he was 20 years old. Somehow my Dad survived Vietnam as a normal, kind person. He didn’t have to. He lost friends and shot people. He has every right to be insane and hateful. (Thank you, DAD, for being a wonderful person!)

I wish there were someway to stop this insanity. Not just in Iraq, but other places in the world. War is useless and wasteful.


At 6:41 AM, Anonymous CarrieB said...

Oh Kathy, I was keeping it together until I realized that photo was your dad. I'm crying now, my heart broken with the pain and loss of war. Any war.

You are absolutely right. Your father is a kind and gentle and loving man. Full of positive energy and a smile for everyone. Thank God he is who he is.

I'm totally with you on supporting our troops and being grateful for their sacrifice and bravery. I just wish there was an exit plan...and that it was in effect.

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your written word expresses so much of the feelings I have now and had then....war is so wrong. The individuals who experience it first hand are never the same. I give thanks every day that my husband, your dad, found peace with himself for having served his country in such a terrible war. I think your dad has had a good life and I know for sure he has wonderful children that have made his life so worth all he hd to endure. Mom

At 7:29 AM, Blogger suburban mom said...

I can relate to a lot of what you said. we also don't have TV/newspapers so I'm kind of removed from things. And my dad fought in viet nam but doesn't really talk about it.


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