Thursday, August 11, 2005

I've been tagged...

Carrie tagged me for this Meme Challenge. It's my first here goes....

idiosyncracy: structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. write down five of your idiosyncracies. then, if you wish, tag five people.
  1. I have never purposefully passed gas in front of my husband whom I have known for nearly 15 years... (this may explain why I had sooo much gas pain after my first c-section... I was smart and booted him from the room often after having my second!)
  2. Putting sunscreen on anyone other than my children totally grosses me out. Please NEVER ask me to put it on your back. I will be so disgusted I won't even be able to say the word no because I will have already envisioned myself doing it.
  3. Feet are scary. Well other people's feet are scary, mine are cute. But I don't like them to be touched. I've only had five pedicures in my life because I can't stand to have my little piggies played with.
  4. All cans/ bottles in the refridgerator and cabinets must face forward at exactly the same angle.
  5. When making long car trips I refuse to stop more than once... during that stop I get gas for the car, food and use the bathroom. I feel REALLY annoyed when I have to stop more than that for restroom breaks. I have actually warned people who make the trek with me between So. Cal. and Nor Cal that I will not stop so they shouldn't drink anything before the trip. The first trip I took with Dylan after she was potty trained was payback for all the years I refused to stop for other people because I had to stop every 30 minutes...


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Korie said...

I have the wierd foot thing as well. My old college roommate Amy used to stick her wet finger between my toes when I wasn't paying attention, yelling "Toe Sex", just to watch me cry. I still hate her for it!


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