Saturday, July 16, 2005

Did I say Double D's? I meant Triple D's

Same kid- new day, yes she's still daring and darling, but now I have to add DEMON to the list. I've just spent three days with my dear friend Shelli in her new home in Pacifica. Two months ago this same trip would have been a wonderful chance to catch up with Shelli; we would have gabbed and gossiped all hours of the night. Instead we were outnumbered by kids. Now that I have two and she has one (the cutest little boy named Joe) we spent more time corralling kids then actually speaking to one another. We sounded like broken records as we tried to tell one another stories but due to the constant interruptions, had to keep starting over.

Dylan was a demon the entire time. OK maybe not the entire time, she did sleep. Really, she was like a child I had never meant before. If I was blind I would have swore on the bible she was not mine. She screamed like a banshee, forgot what sharing was, and was demanding. I had to constantly remind her to use please and thank you. For the first time ever I actually thought I might lose my ability to stay rational.

We went to dinner the first night with the Murphy's as well as my best friend, Marian, and her beau, Chris. Dylan was horrible. She refused to remain seated, kicked me, hit me and lost her shoes. I finally had to take her outside so I could talk to her. I thought she was going to be fine. Once we returned she was "lovingly" rubbing my back. I felt like I had won this round... but I was wrong! It turns out the entire time she was rubbing my back, she was actually smearing sour cream all over my shirt. My sweet little girl has turned demonic.

I called Mike and told him I needed parenting classes because I've obviously lost my way. I've turned into a screamer, too. I've forgotten to say please and thank you, too. Of course I blame my lack of good manners on the fact that I have to repeat myself 10 times before she actually does as asked. By the fifth time, I'm no longer using please and I'm no longer asking nicely. I'm screaming. (I'm afraid Hayden is going to learn to speak by screaming, too.) I've also started using consequences that I could never actually stick to. Like, "if you don't get dressed now I'm leaving you here." I'm not able to think clearly; maybe it has to do with lack of sleep. Hopefully I'll pull my parenting skills back together and MY Dylan will return from wherever she has gone. Pray for me, I could really use the extra help.


At 7:06 AM, Anonymous CarrieB said...

Awwww Kath....I can so relate! I'm sorry, but the rubbing your back with sour cream story made me choke on my coffee. You do have your hands full with that one!

I'm a screamer too. I don't want to be, but sometimes they just push me over the edge. My neighbors must think I'm nuts. Once I forgot to unplug the baby monitor after naps and left the speaker unit ON in the backyard. Hours later in the house, Peyton and Jack were repeatedly jumping into my bathtub making crashing noises until someone got hurt. I lost it (because I had asked them 10 times to stop jumping) and came undone screaming, Jack was crying, Peyton started crying and my neighbors got an earful via baby monitor speaker.

At least you have five acres.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger KathyB said...

Ohhh Carrie... have I got some good baby monitor stories... but those will have to be left for the next time I see you! HeeHee!


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